SINCE 2002

At Z-System, we not only design but further engineer, manufacture, test, and sell UAV systems. With our know-how from design customizations based on the needed useful payload through to the last phase of the manufacture process, we collaborate with you at every step to satisfy the useful payload requirements suitable for purpose in every potential mission.

While providing operational grade utilization ability with our systems, we concomitantly offer the capabilities delivered by tactical grade systems.

• Designed and Produced in Turkey
• Integrated System Information
• Operational/Tactical Missions
• Payload Options and Integration
• Specialized Auto-Pilot, Command Control, Flight Software
• Suitable for Day and Night Missions
• Live HD Video and Telemetry with digital wireless Communication
• High Precision GPS/INS Navigation
• Fast and Easy Transportation/Installation/Operation
• Automatic Platform Takeoff and Parachute Landing