Unmanned Intermesh UAV System (ÇRH) is similar to the other helicopter (tailed rotor system) systems but it works with two separated intermeshing rotors and they are connected two propeller systems rotating in opposite directions to each other.

Advantage of this system is as below;

• High payload capacity,
• Extended hover time,
• Effectively use at mission-centric speeds,
• High stability then other heli configurations

ÇRH System is designed to meet industrial standards and has 1 (one) tablet and 1 (one) whip antenna which can work a UAV platform in any environment. Using the system is simple (easily operated). The start-up, take-off, flight and landing are designed to be automatic. In case of link-lost, ÇRH autonomously follow emergency scenario and lands desired area by itself. Maintaining the system is easy. There is no dependence on foreign sources for spare parts and maintenance because of locally designed and produced ÇRH. It is open to improvements. ÇRH provide the capacity to be a regular gasoline, it flies higher and longer. Only re-fuels is enough for re-mission. The low sound and vision fingerprint is one of the most important distinctive features of ÇRH from other similar products. Easily set up for flight with maximum 2 person (one person also enough) and flight will be tracked. System practically setup and transport. Can be used effectively within a circle with 2 km diameter. Whip antenna can be moved without interrupting the task to the desired location; so 2km is effective riffle distance and mission radius could be more, if the whip antennas mobile movement as provided (on staff/vehicle etc.,) before ÇRH lands on the ground.

ÇRH has the ability to use at acceptable bad weather conditions (rain, snow etc.). In case of GPS link lost; the tablet has the ability to be manually controlled ÇRH with autopilot assisted.

ÇRH Specifications

Operation Range 30 km radius
Takeoff Weight max. 50 kg
Endurance 2+ hour
Body Length 1,8 m
Rotor 2×2,5 m
Mission Altitude 3000 ft
Payload 10 Kg
Speed 40 knot
Servis Tavanı 12 000 ft (ASL)

Alternator is planned inside the ÇRH and it provides up to 100W of power to payload. The payload must be planned with communication modules.

Payload sensing and assessment tablets should be added additional to ground control station.
Payload (sensor) modules that can be installed as an option;

• Day-light Camera Module, 20-30 EO, HD resolution
• Thermal Camera Module, 640×480 resolution
• Laser Range Finder
• MWIR 18xEO Zoom
• LIDAR, 3B digital elevation module
• Hyper-Multi Spectral Module, for remote sensing
• Mini/Nano SAR, for smoke, cloud, under fog
• Antenna relay for other Uçankaya-ÇRH
• Signal processor for Signal Intelligence/Jamming
• Nuclear/chemical fallout detection detectors