Operation Range 80 km – 100 km* radius
Takeoff Weight 19 kg – 30 kg depends on configuration
Endurance up to 8+ hours
Wingspan 4 m
Body Length 2.2 m
Tail Height 0.5 m
Total Height <1 m
V Loitor 53 kn
V Max 75 kn
V Stall 42 kn
Mission Altitude up to 3500 ft AGL
Service Ceiling up to 15000 ft ASL**
Takeoff System Pneumatic Launcher
Landing System Parachute / Net & Belly Landing*
Payload (EO) AGS100 or AGS200
or up to 4 kg payload with 150 W
Datalink Digital (FDM) 8W, up to 80 km radius
Encryption Crypto*
Backup Power Battery (>50 W)
Engine 1-Cylinder (55cc)***
Ignition Electronic
Fuel Type Unleaded Gasoline
Fuel Capacity up to 10kg
Propulsion Pusher Propeller
Ignition Manual Electric Starter
Design Environment -20°C – +65°C, Environmentally sealed*,
Splash Salt Water Resistant*, Float on ditch*
Transport Rugged Composite Transport Case

* Optional
** Depends on configuration
*** Modified for aviation and performance