Pneumatic launcher is controlled via hand-held controller. It enables to set launch pressure and measures the pressure and auto stabilizes. The pneumatic launcher is light-weight, battery-operated and can be quickly assembled. All components are packed into one case for easy transportation and handling.

Portable Pneumatic Launcher

  • Small-footprint, lightweight design for easy transport across rough terrain and unimproved sites
  • Safety control interlocks effectually eliminate the possibility of an accidental launch
  • With two operators, set up takes just 15 minutes
  • Successive launching at short intervals
  • Microprocessor control


Rail Length (assembled) 4 m 6 m
Launch Angle 10 degree 10 degree
Maximum UAV Weight 30 kg up to 75 kg
Maximum Launch Speed 80 km 80 km
Maximum Launch Pressure 8 ATM 8 ATM
Input Voltage 12V 24V
Typical Fill Time <10 min <15 min
Operation Temperature -15°C +50°C -15°C +50°C
Transportation Rugged Composite Case Rugged Composite Case