The versatility of the Ucankaya UAV System ensures the safety of land and sea troops when going to their points of duty. The Ground Control Station uses multiple Ucankaya UAV Systems as bridge to increase live video instantly within the boundaries of the communication range. The Ground Control Station can be easily transported in its carrying case and used portably. It communicates with the UAV using the auto-tracking antenna and is designed to allow for the use of two persons separately for management and imaging.


• Easy to use functions all in Turkish & English*
• Sliding map with GPS-based coordinates
• Artificial horizon module
• Telemetry and alarm module
• Mission planning module
• Detailed flight PID analysis module
• Available for Windows OS’
• HWIL simulator*


• Sunlight readable display (1280×1024)
• Industrial keyboard
• Industrial joystick
(Auto-pilot supported flight)
• Industrial connectors


• Microprocessor controlled
• Chargeable with 220V AC and 24V DC
• Up to 5 hours operation
• Mounted on transport case


• Gimbal command control
• Video display module
• Video recording module
• Optional Video H.264 re-stream module*

Ground Control Station

Dimensions 800 x 600 x 500 mm
Weight <25 kg
Environmental Protection <%90rH
Operation Temperature -20°C +60°C
Input Voltage 24V DC
Inputs Antenna, DC Power, USB, Ethernet, HDMI, VGA
Outputs Ethernet, USB, HDMI
Display Sunlight readable 17” LCD
Display Brightness 1600 cd/m2