Auto Controlled Tracking Antenna is designed to provide reliable, high quality video and data link between Ucankaya UAV and the Ground Control Station with Geo-Pointing function. Pan-tilt mechanism controlled by microprocessor is designed for a wide range of outdoor fixed and mobile applications. The controller is fully integrated and the units provide a single weatherized mil-style connector for power, pan-tilt and payload signals.

Auto-Tracking Antenna System

  • Nx360 Pan
  • 15 +90 Tilt
  • Ethernet managed
  • Angular velocity lock, continuous UAV tracking mode
  • High efficiency RF antenna
  • Tracking based on GPS data received from UAV
  • Suitable under all weather conditions with IP67 grade protection
  • Suitable on any rough terrain with tripod support
  • Precision geo-pointing
  • Shock absorber 3D transportation case